A Painter contractor, first calculates the actual square feet of space that will be coated.

Then he will need to determine how many square feet a gallon of the intended product to be used will cover.

Then it is just a matter of dividing the number of square feet to be covered by the number of square feet that a given product can cover.

For example, if the product covers 400 square feet, and you are coating 1,000 square feet (1,000 divided by 400 = 2.5), you will need 2.5 gallons. 400 square feet is theoretical because the texture of the substrate along with the material left on the applicator and other tools are not part of this calculation.

This information is often available on the data page for the product as well.

Bathrooms: choosing a mildew resistant paint will help keep the walls clean and fresh in the dampest of bathrooms, meaning you don’t have to wash or scrub them down, and can use fewer nasty chemical cleaners on the walls.


Kitchen cabinets: are commonly worked with oil-based paint, which provides an excellent ‘hard’ finish that stands up to wear and tear well, however changes in paint technology have many house painters recommending new water-based paints that have similar qualities. In either case the name of the game has to be an easy-clean finish that stands up to almost constant handling.


High traffic areas: whether you have an elegant home with an entry way most guests pass through, or live in the chaotic swirl of several children running through the halls on a daily basis, areas of your home with lots of traffic need robust paint that is easy to clean. Great house painters are able to make recommendations based on the specifics of your living environment.


A Painter Contractor chooses the right materials to get the best life out of your effort in painting inside or out, you have to use the right kind of paint for the job.

We do the prep work sanding, masking, filling, and priming are necessary evils for a great end result.

We finish the job off right taking the time to apply the correct number of coats, adding a finish where necessary and ensuring all surfaces are properly coated will leave you with great results – and protection – for many years to come.


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