Full-Service Property Maintenance


We have the ability to handle all your property’s day-to-day maintenance requirements. From simple drips to vacant turnovers, from painting to plumbing, and everything in between, we are staffed to tackle all your home maintenance problems.


Depending on seniority and skill set, our maintenance workers are paid between $16.00 – $28.50 per hour. Services are far-ranging, general maintenance providers, electricians, plumbers, welders, drywallers, framers, painters, carpet and tile installers, and finish carpenters. Overall, maintenance billing charges range from a low of $31.25 per hour to a high of $54.95. All work orders add 1/2 hour trip cost to cover tech travel time. All our billings include sales taxes, payroll taxes, workman’s comp, comprehensive liability insurance, and the cost of the maintenance supervisors, who are charged with oversight of the team. We have also an in-house a recognized designer for those projects that require designs, plans-drawings, engineering, and architectural work. The designer fees are billed at a rate of $68.90 per hour.


All care is chosen to keep maintenance billings to a minimum, both parts, and labor. The maintenance supervisor is responsible to coordinating maintenance staff, reviewing all time sheets and product invoices, and approving the billing rates.




Full Maintenance Provider:

Your property will be assigned to one of our Supervisors who will be responsible for all aspects of your properties maintenance needs. From dripping faucets to drywall repairs, from replacing fixtures to appliance repairs, our team can handle all your property’s demands.   We provide full apartment turnover maintenance to your vacancies.


Emergency Maintenance:

We give for a 24 hour per day, 7 days per week emergency maintenance hotline. This guarantees that your property is always in touch with the Supervisor and maintenance staff.


Strict Quality Standards:

Quality control standards are maintained by having supervisors working closely with our maintenance personnel and vendors to ensure that the projects are being completed in a timely and professional manner.



For your benefit, major roofing, electrical and major plumbing are vended to licensed professionals.

The routine air conditioning is handled with our company staff. Compressor and full AC change-outs are vended to one of our pre-approved air conditioning vendors.

The prices for Property managements companies are pre-establish, please let us know if you like to receive a Price List.

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